California Drents got its start in 2013 when Jazz Judy v.d. Kouterman ("Claire") traveled from The Hague (Netherlands) to her new home in the San Francisco Bay Area.  As a young puppy, Claire demonstrated her great potential. She has grown into a spirited and affectionate companion, a protector of the home, and a determined hunter with a good nose, moving effortlessly in the field. Claire shows love towards all she meets and is neither fearful nor shy towards strangers.

Claire lives in the home with two cats. Rudy, the Maine Coon, actually enjoys playing with Claire. Harry, the Ragdoll, is indifferent towards Claire . . . but Harry is a quintessential feline, with contempt towards all.

California Drents aims to produce exceptional litters with a particular focus on health, temperament, and field skills. Parents are genetically tested to minimize the risk of a genetic disorder and are screened for hip, elbow and eye issues. Parents must also have a friendly, non-aggressive demeanor. Fortunately, Drents are inherently kind and jovial. Finally, parents must demonstrate their abilities in the field.

Each puppy in a litter will be evaluated for temperament to assist in optimal placement in homes. This is an active breed, but it will become apparent at about seven weeks of age which puppies are better suited to particular environments. Puppies are then matched to their new owners.

California Drents is an approved kennel of the Drentsche Patrijshond Club of North America.