2021 Breeding Plans

Gracie X Binck

Unfortunately, No Puppies

Gracie was artificially inseminated, but no pregnancy resulted. We are very disappointed.


This is an exciting breeding. Binck is a handsome boy with excellent conformation and is an active hunter in the Netherlands. Gracie is sweet girl and typical Drent living the good life in Southern California. Both of Gracie’s parents were born in the Netherlands and accomplished hunters. Both Binck and Gracie have wonderful temperaments and should produce beautiful, smart, and affectionate puppies with good household manners. Drents are an active breed that need appropriate exercise, training and supervision, especially as puppies and young adults. 

The California Drents’ lineage is distinct from other breeding lines in America. This is an advantage for genetic diversity and potential future breeders.

Gracie should come into heat in August 2021 with puppies ready to go home in early-December 2021. Of course, the timing is entirely up to Gracie. We will keep this page updated. 

Litter approved by Drentsche Patrijshond Club of North America

Puppy application available here.

Gracie (California Drents’ Sierra) — AKC SR97488005

Gracie (“California Drents’ Sierra”) is a sweet and affectionate family member and friendly to strangers. While she does not hunt, she displays innate hunting skills. View Gracie’s pedigree. View Gracie’s orthopedic certificates: hips and elbows.

Born: January 6, 2017
Parents: Ferron van Drentenpassie x Jazz Judy v.d. Kouterman (“Claire”)
Health: PRA free; OFA Hips: Good; OFA Elbows: Normal;
DNA Testing:  vWD-I: Carrier
Height at withers: 23.5”
Weight: 52 lbs
Use: Cherished companion, children’s playmate

Binck v’t Wilhoeckske — NHSB 3073915

Binck lives in a Dutch village in the province of Overijssel near the German border. Binck is an accomplished hunter. He is a sweet and gentle soul with a loving disposition, but is on guard when watching over the family home. In the Dutch club’s annual evaluation of Drent studs (“Verslagen Reuendag” No. 26), Binck received the highest rating of “Uitmuntend.” View Binck’s pedigree. View Binck’s hip certificate. View Binck’s elbow certificate.

Born: February 27, 2011
Parents: Sander fan de Indo-Anjoho x Wieske v’t Wilhoeckske
Health: PRA free; FCI Hips: HD-A; ED clear
DNA Testing:  vWD-I: Clear
Height at withers: 24.5”
Weight: 63 lbs
Exterior: Excellent
Use: Cherished companion, upland hunting

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